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Lamar Odom 911 Audio Released

October 16, 2015
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lamar odom 911 audio …disturbing …

Ja Rule Openly Admits To Having Career Ended By 50 Cent

October 16, 2015
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Dear Shannon Adamick, Your Son is a Murderer

October 7, 2015
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The following is a letter that was written by Musician/Producer Michael Barber from a blog, KushJar.com …


Now I recently watched the documentary, Lost for Life, on kids who murdered and have been sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole. It was a solid doc, I would say a B+. The stories of all the kid killers were interesting and disturbing.

The point or focus of this movie documentary was the question, should child killers be able to get parole?

Now this is a difficult issue. I was a kid once (my wife says I still am) and I made some bad mistakes. I did things out of peer pressure, I followed other kids, I did things on my own accord that were wrong without having to follow anybody, and I messed up.

The brain of a kid just isn’t developed. It is now said that it might not develop until 25 or 26 years old. That means that kids do dumb things. They all make mistakes.

So what about that question? Should these kids who murdered when they were just kids with their undeveloped brains have to sit in prison for the rest of their life?

I think it depends on the murder and the murderer.

Two of these murderers in this documentary seemed that they should be able to get out of prison at some point.

Torey Adamcik and Brian Lee Draper are both serving life in prison for the murder of their classmate, Cassie Jo Stoddart.


Cassie Jo Stoddart

Cassie Jo Stoddart


Cassie Jo Stoddart was a beautiful young girl who was taken from this world for no reason.

Draper admits guilt and even appears to be visibly upset when talking about the murder.

Torey Adamick, however, is still pleading innocent despite being found guilty and having some pretty damaging evidence against him. That evidence includes a video before and after the murders. Adamcik is even heard on the video saying, “I’m so horny just thinking about it,” when talking about the murder.

It seems Draper has shown some remorse, at least it seems, but for Torey Adamick, he seems only upset because he got caught.


The Guilty Innocent


Torey Adamick

Interviews with Adamcik and his parents on this documentary were hard to watch as they all three claimed that he was innocent.

Torey goes as far to almost admit that he did commit the murder, but he was a different person back then because he was only 16 years old. His mother was quick to cut him off and tell the world, he was innocent.

Never underestimate the power of denial.

This woman, Shannon Adamcik, is in super denial.

After googling the case and looking it up out of a moderate interest, I found more info on this crime and the mother of Torey Adamick, Shannon Adamcik. It seems she wrote a book titled, Guilty Innocent, on the murder that he son committed.

Shannon is now a wannabe activist for child murderers, and trying hard to free her son.

The video below is from that documentary. Watch the denial, watch how it feels like even this young man now 21, wants to admit he did this crime, but his parents won’t let him. (Video has been removed, but it is in the documentary)

At @2:40 his father states, “It must be harder because you are innocent, right?”

Nodding his head Torey replies, “Yeah, I guess”


It is hard to watch. As I looked at the twitter of Shannon Adamcik, it was even harder to watch this mother of a convicted murder go on and on denying her son did anything wrong.

Now it might be okay if Mrs. Adamcik was carrying on and on about how her son made a terrible mistake. She isn’t. She is carrying on and on on social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest about her book and about other children killers who make parole, about the Central Park 5, etc.

The problem is, well the problems are, the Central Park 5 were innocent, and he fact that Shannon is on a site like Pinterest promoting her killer son while the young lady her son killed will never know what Pinterest is, is something that needs to be pointed out to Shannon.


Cassie Jo Stoddart was stabbed 29 times, 9 of which were fatal. She is the victim.

And I have to say to Mrs. Shannon Adamcik, please shut up!

Your son is a murderer. He was found guilty in court by a trial of his peers.

There is ZERO evidence that points in any other direction, and any evidence you have brought forth since his conviction isn’t worthy of even a judge looking at it.

Let me use common sense.

It has been 9 years since 2006 when your son killed Cassie Jo Stoddart. Don’t you think significant evidence would have already freed your son if it did exist? Appeals have been filed, and one of the reasons that you and your son think you deserve another trial is because God was mentioned.

And another reason that your son filed for an appeal was listed as the following:

Adamcik argues that the district court abused its discretion in sentencing him to fixed life for first-degree murder and unified life with 30 years fixed for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Adamcik argues that the sentence imposed by the district court was an abuse of discretion for three reasons: (1) it is impossible to tell that a juvenile is so lacking in rehabilitative potential that imprisonment until death is the only way to protect society; (2) imposing fixed life solely based on the nature of the offense, without consideration of the nature of the offense and the character of the offender, violates established sentencing principles; and (3) the egregiousness of Adamcik’s offense is lessened by his immaturity and diminished capacity.

Your son also murdered a juvenile for NO REASON. She doesn’t get to change her sentence.

Your son isn’t one of the Memphis 3 or Central Park 5. Your son wasn’t just following his friend as he killed a sixteen year old girl. Your son was a major part of the murder including stabbing her.

The evidence doesn’t point to your son being an unwilling driver during this murder. Your son was probably the ring leader or alpha of the twosome. (More on that later, but now let’s note the evidence that includes:

1. Two dagger-style knives with sheaths.

2. A silver-and-black-handled knife with a smooth and non-serrated blade.

3. A folding knife with a silver blade and black handle, which is similar to a survival knife. The portion of the blade nearest to the hilt is serrated.


8. A partially melted multi-colored mask.

9. A red and white mask

Why all those knives if your son didn’t stab her? Well maybe Draper used all the knives, right? But there is no reason to add a knife that wasn’t used into a pile of things you are dumping to hide from the police, right?

Two Masks were found. Two. Why would Draper have to get rid of two masks if your son was waiting in the car? He wouldn’t and he didn’t.

Also your son was on video tape before and after the murder.

Since I have noticed that you, Shannon like to use evidence in ways that make your son look like an innocent sheep, let me use his own words to make him look guilty. Which he is guilty.

From the transcript of the video tape:

Adamcik:—the point I’m makin’ is . . . we are also taught that things like killing people and other things is wrong. The only thing that is wrong about is because it’s breaking the law and the law is only wrong (mumbling, searching for words)—

Draper: Natural selection, dude. Natural selection, that’s all I’ve gotta say.

Adamcik: There should be no law against killing people. I know it’s a wrong thing, but . . .

Draper: Natural selection—

Adamcik:—Hell, hell, you restrict somebody from it, they’re just gonna want it more.


Draper: We’ll let you . . . (laughs) we’ll find out if she has friends over, if she’s going to be alone in a big dark house out in the middle of nowhere (laughs). How perfect can you get? I, I mean like holy shit dude.

Adamcik: I’m horny just thinking about it.


Draper: We’re gonna be murderers. Like, let’s see, Ted Bundy, like the Hillside Strangler.

Adamcik: No.

Draper: The Zodiac Killer.

Adamcik: Those people were more amateurs compared to what we are going to be, we’re gonna be more of higher sources of Ed gl . . .

Draper: Gein

Adamcik: Gein


Adamcik: For you future serial killers watching this tape

Adamcik & Draper: (laughing)

Adamcik: I don’t know what to say. Draper: It-It’s—

Adamcik:—good luck with that.

Draper: Good luck.

Adamcik: Hopefully you don’t have like 8 or 9 failures like we have.

More evidence against Torey:

At trial, the jury heard extensive forensic testimony documenting and analyzing Stoddart’s wounds. The medical examiner, Dr. Steve Skoumal, performed the autopsy on Stoddart on September 25, 2006. Dr. Skoumal determined that the cause of Stoddart’s death was stab wounds to the trunk. In all, Dr. Skoumal documented thirty knife-related wounds on Stoddart’s body, twelve of which were potentially fatal.

The State also had forensic pathologist Dr. Charles Garrison examine Stoddart’s body. Dr. Garrison testified “It’s my opinion that there were at least two knives used, one of which was a non-serrated blade, and one of which was a serrated blade.”

In general, the majority of the potentially fatal wounds that Dr. Skoumal listed were inflicted with the serrated blade, however, wound number 1, which struck the right ventricle of Stoddart’s heart, was inflicted by a non-serrated blade—consistent with Dr. Garrison’s testimony—and was potentially fatal.



The evidence is overwhelming, but while pausing as I wrote this, I came to the realization that Shannon has already seen all this evidence. The damaging evidence is undeniable, 100%.

But there is nothing I can say to this woman to make her change her mind. Her son is innocent.

Again, the power of denial.

As a parent, I can see why Shannon Adamcik wants her son to be out of prison. Prison is probably a horrible place. The reform programs in the prison system don’t work, and they also don’t matter to the Adamcik family because of two things:

1. There son doesn’t need any type of reform because he is innocent

2. Adamcik has life without parole, he will never re-enter society, so there is no need for him to reform.

A harsh reality that Shannon seems to not understand.

The Victim is Cassie Jo Stoddart not your son.

Now again, as a parent, I can only wonder how the parents of Ms. Cassie Jo Stoddart feel about the death of their daughter?

Her father will never get to walk her down the aisle.

Her mother doesn’t get the chance to be the mother of the bride and enjoy that wonderful day as she watches her daughter get dressed in all white in a dress they would have picked out together.

I could go on for years on the things that your son took away from Cassie Jo. I won’t. I will remind you that they were taken away by your son.

Preaching to the world that your son made a horrible decision at the age of 16, and that he deserves a chance to be free isn’t an appropriate action for you, his mother.

A horrible decision is drinking and driving and getting into a wreck that hurts someone. A horrible decision is playing with a gun and it goes off.

Planning a murder on a classmate, then executing that plan, murdering your classmate in cold blood isn’t a horrible mistake. Mistakes aren’t planned. Murders aren’t planned by normal people. It was a sick crime done by sick people, and now you are showing you are unhealthy by trying to defend a murderer.

Also based on how you and your son are acting, he deserves to stay in prison for the rest of his life.

Should all children who murder be put inside a cell for the rest of their life?

No. I don’t think so, but again it goes back to the murder and the murderer.

Lastly, I want to discuss the book that was written by Shannon Adamcik that I mentioned before titled, Guilty Innocent.

It has to be terrible for Shannon to even think that her son could have done this terrible, awful crime. That is why I mentioned denial earlier, but it seems more than that. It seems like a blind spot is blocking Shannon’s vision of a real reality.

Shannon you even took the stand to defend her son, and she stated that her son wasn’t an atheist because their family went to church and had regular bible study.

It is a felony to lie under oath, and I do not want to be held libel for speaking on whether or not the Adamcik family was having weekly bible study. But come on…ok nevermind…

Now Shannon you claim your son was a follower, that he followed Draper into this deadly crime, but I disagree. I know nothing about Draper or your son. I know very little about the state of Idaho, yet alone this case. I do know a thing or two about followers and leaders in young men, and when I read the video tape transcript of your son and Draper’s murder tape, I knew Draper wasn’t the leader.

Your son was the one who would repeatedly insulted Draper. A red flag that screamed Draper would do anything for his buddy. Take that with a grain of salt, but it’s quite obvious to me. I don’t think Draper is any less guilty for this, he too should stay in prison for the rest of his life.

Now obviously I don’t have to prove to you, Shannon, that your son did this. I don’t have to prove it in a court of law. I think deep down that you know the truth.

I am also not telling you to stop loving your son, but please stop defending him. If you really loved him, you would let him serve his sentence.

There is no reason to keep filing appeals with no new evidence. It is your son’s right to do so, but once I again I speak for the rights of Cassie Jo Stoddart, who was murdered for no reason besides your own son and his friend wanted to do so.

In regards to your book, that I didn’t buy or read, you need to donate all of it’s proceeds to either a charity in the name of Cassie Jo Stoddart or directly to her parents. Cassie Jo Stoddart and her family are the victims here not you and your son.

If you do fear a God and pray before each meal and have weekly bible studies, than you need to beg for forgiveness from the Stoddart’s family now. You should be at their mercy. They lost a child, you still have yours. Their child is dead. Yours is in prison because of her death. Realize that.

And one of the reasons you are so gung-ho on the fact that your son is innocent is because he is apart of you. The community judges parents by how they raise their children. Fair or not.

But you are not your son, and you are not responsible for what he did to this innocent girl. It seems your son was mentally a mess, but this isn’t something that you should take blame for. Not getting him help, sure, take blame for that, but not the murder.

Take responsibility. He is your son. Admit that he made a mistake, and that he is inside the legal system paying for it.  Swallow your pride.

Take that same effort that you are putting into your son’s case as a chid who is serving life without parole and put it into something else.

And please Shannon, you can email me anytime. I know I am just a stranger writing you this letter, but I can see that you need someone to talk with about everything. You were left alone, closed off, and it was hard.


Michael Barber


P.S. Remember this is my opinion on the matter, I am just a musician writing this for a blog.


September 14, 2015
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Michael Bentley Says Bernie Sanders ‘Black Lives Matters” Protest Was a Hillary Clinton Slander Stunt

August 10, 2015
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“Why would the protesters and activist behind the #BlackLivesMovement shut down a political rally for the most Liberal, Democratic candidate running, Bernie Sanders? According to Michael Bentley, it is just another case of dirty politics.”


The world of politics can be a filthy business, and according to Publicist Michael Bentley, the mud was flying around in Seattle over the weekend. Bentley went on a small rant Sunday morning about the stoppage of Sander’s speech on Saturday. Michael Bentley was being interviewed on New York Radio’s Moonlight Gram Hour and the for the magazine edition of the NYC Gazette.

“It wasn’t about the #BlackLivesMatter movement at all. It was about making sure that Bernie Sanders didn’t get a chance to get his message out to the people of Seattle. It was a complete sabotage, a shady move that came from inside the Democratic Party. The whole movement of Black Lives Matter is super important, but not at a gathering of the most liberal candidate on the ballot. There is a list of republican candidates followed by other democrats that come higher in the line of this movement. This wasn’t even a publicity stunt; it was a straight hijacking.”

Bentley, himself is no stranger to working the rounds of the grand presidential race, in 2012 he helped President Barack Obama secure a second term by leaking Mitt Romney’s false social media stats after Romney hired Bentley, a Democrat, to help him with his failing social media status.

Michael Bentley Publicist

Bentley also went on to say why he thinks this protest was a sabotage.

“The black lives matter campaign was largely funded by George Soros. Soros is clearly in love with Hillary Clinton, and Clinton is scared to death of Sanders. Here is a guy talking about things like free college, free daycare, fixing America the right way. The Bernie Sanders movement is flowing upstream, and the more it moves to the mainstream, the less chance Hillary has.”

Bentley continued, “The #BlackLivesMatter has been refereed to in the media as #SorosMoneyMatters. The #BlackLivesMatter campaign is an important issue, but it can be a tricky issue to talk about in the media. Black Lives Matter do matter, but do you know what would help the African-American community more than any protest? Free college. The opportunity for young men and women of all races to attend college for free! That alone would grow our country more  in the next 20 years more than any protest.”

“We are a divided country and it isn’t just the rich vs the poor, we have racial issues and racism stems from pure ignorance and people being under educated. Let’s education our country, and we can see that we are all people. Once we realize that simple fact, that we are all human beings and equal, then we can come together and do great things in this country again. As Americans, not whites or blacks or latinos, but just as one, Americans. Educate this country, and the country will prosper.”

How did Bentley get this information? It seems that there were some email newsletters sent out to a few select people, and Bentley’s name and email was on that list.

So is it another manifest destiny for Bentley being on the right email newsletter blast at the right time, or could Bentley really again have insider information?

A quick google search shows that Soros hasn’t just targeted Sanders but Martin O’Malley too. Soros has his agenda, and his agenda doesn’t include anybody except Hillary Clinton right now.

The facts of who is backing who financially is readily available so it seems Michael Bentley does have some insider info, along with a wise insight on how the political world works, and the guts to talk about it publicly.

Bentley has been seen on CNN and the Wall Street Journal talking political strategy, fundraising, and how to execute successfully online, says that he hasn’t been approached by a democrat presidential candidate that he wants to work for yet.

“I have been approached by a few different campaigns, but I want to get behind a candidate, a person, that I feel is the right person for the job. It is an important job, and me taking a paycheck for the wrong person isn’t something that I am interested in doing.”

Salvador Caulfield x Citizen IV Release New Lakers Shirt

August 9, 2015
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The Art of Editing in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

June 28, 2015
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The Art of Editing in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Max Tohline on Vimeo.

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Carmelo’s Reaction to Kristaps Porzingis

June 28, 2015
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Jahlil Okafor drops his Sixers jersey like it’s trash

June 28, 2015
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Congrats to the Warriors and Thank You to Lebron James

June 17, 2015
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Basketball and Hip Hop

The season is over, and the team with the most wins during the year was crowned the champion of basketball, the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors led by this year’s MVP, Steph Curry, beat Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2.


Congrats to the Warriors, but a big Thank You to Lebron James.

Lebron has now played in 5 straight finals. Losing 3 and winning 2, and for his career he is 2-4 in NBA Finals.

But the moxy and ability of the games current greatest player, made this a series. It made the NBA interesting. Lebron has made the NBA interesting since the Lakers won it all in 2010. Leaving his home, and returning to give his home an oh so close of a title, will be remember as not getting it done, but Lebron has proven he is the best player since Jordan. Yes, over Kobe and Shaq and…

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