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Jared Leto says he was ‘tricked’ into playing Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ says ‘fu-k WB’

August 22, 2016
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After months of boasting and broadcasting about his performance as The Joker in the recently released movie Suicide Squad, Jared Leto seems to be backpedalling about his “method” approach: the Oscar-winning actor now claims he was “tricked”into playing the role.

Coincidentally timed with backlash about the movie’s lacklustre vibe and countless tepid reviews, Leto reportedly opened up to “campers” at a Q&A session at Camp Mars, a wilderness retreat for fans of Leto and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

An attendee of the camp, who identified themselves only as “La Leto,” posted Leto’s thoughts from the Q&A. [The post has now been deleted.]

“He was very honest about the film this weekend,” read the post. “His disappointment in what he’s learned of the theatrical cut (he’s still not seen the film); feeling sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently; thinking it would’ve been more artistic than what it became; feeling overwhelmed by the hate regarding the look and choices.”

Leto also confirmed his Suicide Squad contract banned him from doing certain activities he enjoys, like rock climbing.

It’s been reported by numerous sources that Leto shot hours of footage for the film that ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Reviews indicate that The Joker is also a fringe character, only appearing sporadically in a handful of scenes, despite the trailers that make him seem like a main character in the movie.

he Joker star was asked about his contract with the film company, which is rumoured to contain a clause preventing him from undertaking any dangerous activities like rock climbing and wearing garish clothing to film premieres.

“fu*k ’em,” Leto is said to have responded, provoking laughter from the crowd.

Ultimate List of White Rappers

January 31, 2016
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Crackavelli is a website that lists bios and infos for white rappers.

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2015 Boxing Globe Boxer of the Year: Kell Brook

January 3, 2016
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Kell Brook only fought two times this year after coming to America and taking the belt from Shawn Porter in 2014, but in those 2 fights Brook was barely touched and undefeated in every round.

The vote was tight between our staff, and we had to come back to look at the overall numbers a 2nd time, but Kell Brook is our Boxer of the Year.

The man called Special K, had an impressive year, (or year in a half but who is counting?) and did more than enough as the IBF Welterweight Champion in 2015.

We understand that JoJo Dan isn’t a top of crop opponent, but Brook didn’t handle him like one. He easily dismantled Dan in just 4 easy rounds, and when talking about the fight at our staff meeting we couldn’t remember if Dan even landed a good solid punch in those 4 rounds.

It was a take care of business fight, and Brook handled it like he was working from home on his day off. Light work.

Just 2 months later, Brook entered the ring at the O2 Center as the headliner of a giant card to face Frankie Gavin, and he was on point like a rifle gauge. The fight was called in just 6 rounds.

The 2015 Boxing Globe Boxer of the Year, only fought for 10 rounds in 2015. So it wasn’t by the amount of work, but the dominance in those 10 rounds.

Dominated is an understatement. Brook won all 10 rounds, and wasn’t even hit hard enough to kill a wasp in any of the rounds.

This was the closest vote we have had in our 3 years of naming a boxer of the year, but it was hard to not pick Brook even over PBC Boxer of the Year, Keith Thurman and ESPN’s pick of Canelo Alvarez who actually tied Brook in our first vote.

Congrats to Special K, Kell Brook! @SpecialKBrook on Twitter

more info at http://www.BoxingGlobe.com

Congrats to the Warriors and Thank You to Lebron James

June 17, 2015
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Basketball and Hip Hop

The season is over, and the team with the most wins during the year was crowned the champion of basketball, the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors led by this year’s MVP, Steph Curry, beat Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2.


Congrats to the Warriors, but a big Thank You to Lebron James.

Lebron has now played in 5 straight finals. Losing 3 and winning 2, and for his career he is 2-4 in NBA Finals.

But the moxy and ability of the games current greatest player, made this a series. It made the NBA interesting. Lebron has made the NBA interesting since the Lakers won it all in 2010. Leaving his home, and returning to give his home an oh so close of a title, will be remember as not getting it done, but Lebron has proven he is the best player since Jordan. Yes, over Kobe and Shaq and…

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Report: Celtics, Lakers Had Brief Discussion About Rajon Rondo Trade

December 16, 2014
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TTW Host Catfish Hughes is Joined by Cortez for NBA Talk

December 11, 2014
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Cortez from Balls in Our Court joins Catfish Hughes to discuss the NBA including, Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic, Victor Oladipo, and more!

VinLa’Infinite (Vin-La-In-Fin-Knit) ” Reazon” @Vintherebel

December 4, 2014
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New Jersey Artist, Producer, and Engineer, VinLa’Infinite, currently unsigned who holds affiliation with Hip Hop Collective “B.R.E.D.”, hailing with sounds and content influenced by Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Pharrell, and Kid Cudi. Including a lyrical prowess containing context of hardships, psychological twist, and social norms.


Social Links: Twitter: @Vintherebel; Instagram: @xvzrdx;

Website: www,theinfinitesound.com

Contact: vkjohnson.dr@gmail.com

Maglev elevators are coming that can go up, down, and sideways

November 29, 2014
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Publicist Michael Bentley Interviewed on TNTBS Radio about Slam House, Mitt Romney, and LAHH Hollywood

November 14, 2014
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Basketball and Hip Hop

Michael Bentley is a publicist, A&R, radio show producer, political activist, entrepreneur, and he almost added reality TV star to his list of achievements.

Michael Bentley at Malahide Castle Michael Bentley taking a selfie at Malahide Castle

Michael Bentley joined TNTBS Radio in Charlotte, NC to talk about his current label, Slam House Music Group, his work as an A&R in the music industry, and of course, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Bentley also discussed his part in the 2012 Presidential Election and his helping President Obama defeat Mitt Romney in a very hilarious twitter ordeal.

Bentley brought the juice late in the interview as he talk about how his wife and him didn’t feel like a ‘staged’ reality show wasn’t a great look for the newlyweds. A lot of the talk surrounding Bentley entering the VH1 hit show was around upcoming model, Shaquana Mitchell.

Q Mitchell the very curvy and sexy Shaquana Mitchell


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Ebola’s Decline in Liberia Prompts Fears of Complacency

October 30, 2014
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