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A Big Ten Scouting Report on the Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Team was Found

December 24, 2015
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If you find a USB drive on the ground at an airport would you check to see what is on it?

There have been reports that spies have used this tactic to hack into important databases, and there have been reports of malicious viruses being placed on USB drives and destroying computers completely, and there is also the case of Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor, leaving unreleased music on USB drives around the country in bathrooms just to see what happens. That being said, I guess a USB drive would be what Forrest Gump would talk about in 2015. (Life is like finding a USB drive, you never know what you’re gonna get…)

This time around it appears that the found USB device didn’t contain music by a legend, but it also didn’t contain a malicious, computer destroying virus. The contents according to TUNEIn sports radio host, Joey Sinatra, was one Big Ten’s team scouting report on the Indiana Hoosiers. The drive also contained some student work, info, and a thesis being written by what appears to be a postgrad student. It appears that the USB wasn’t a player’s jump drive, but rather an assistants or maybe student assistant coach.

I do not want to get into the owner to much as Joey did on his radio show, and he briefly had the contents available for sale on EBAY. (It has since been removed)

Now their was 3 different teams scouting report on this drive, but the other two are lowly mid-majors, and if I put out the teams, it would be way too easy for you Sherlock Holmes’s to find out what team/person owns this device. I don’t want that to happen.

The information written on the Indiana Hoosiers is both true and funny. The Hoosiers have one of the best offenses in the country, but their defense has been questionable at best.


James Blackmon Jr. might have the best/worst report in the entire portfolio.

“Blackmon plays defense similar to a scarecrow standing in one place with no lateral movement at all. Anyone he is guarding has a step advantage. Go around him with ease, but his offense won’t slack if he is getting scored on heavy like some players. Never leave him open his range is incredible. Force him to dribble, but watch his quick release. He rarely passes so if the ball gets to him, he’s going to shoot, force him to move, and try trapping as his ball handling is sub-par…”

Harsh words for a player who was a Big Ten All Freshman player last year.

This, however, does follow a year and a half of Hoosier fans watching Blackmon score at will, but only average 1 assist a game. His defense is so bad that ESPN announcer, Dan Dakich, a former assistant coach and interim head coach for the Hoosiers to say that Blackmon couldn’t “guard a chair” while calling the IU/Notre Dame game.

Troy Williams Image

The report didn’t just crucify Blackmons defense, it also took aim at junior Troy Williams reporting, “when Williams gets the ball make him dribble. He is a turnover machine when handling the ball. An athletic Tasmania devil, make sure you block him out.”

Even more damaging than calling IUs best player a turnover machine is what it says about Hoosier senior Nick Zeisloft.

“If #2 is in the game get whoever he is guarding an ISO, clear the floor, and attack for the rebound…..attack, attack, whoever he is guarding has an advantage!”

Now the scouting report wasn’t just damaging and stating how bad the Hoosiers play defense, it did include things on how Troy Williams attacks the rim, how senior pg Yogi Ferrell can stop and shoot on a dime. It also said that Yogi, ‘dribbles too much,’ which is like saying a midget is short. Common sense if you have seen any Indiana basketball game in the last 4 years.

The more damaging and again, funny, info in the report was on Coach Tom Crean’s defensive and offensive tactics.(or lack of)

“Patience is the key on offense. If #1 (Blackmon) or #2 (Zeisloft) isn’t in the game, look for back cuts, and if Coach Crean calls in any type set change, there will be a few seconds of breakdown in their defense as they try to move from either man to man to zone or vice versa. One pass and go has proven to score over 80% of the time.”

The report continued on the offensive end for the Hoosiers, “…rarely do you see back screens or back cuts, the offense is again, a weave and spacing, they only agenda is to drive and kick for a 3. Sag but watch the shooters.”

Once we get confirmation from Joey Sinatra, we will upload the entire report or link to the entire report.

The info isn’t as damaging being released to the team as it might be to the Hoosiers and Coach Tom Crean. It shows a lot that another coach or scout in the Big Ten would have a report that is pretty much stating, “if Crean calls a play, it won’t work, get ready to score,” or something similar.

The info on going exactly at 1 player and saying he can’t guard anybody is hard to believe, and also something I haven’t seen before. If it is really that simple, it might be a long year for the Hoosiers who start Big Ten play on December 30th vs Rutgers.

This also might show why Coach Tom Crean is on the hot seat, but outside of Indiana that isn’t for sure yet.

More details pending…

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