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Cam’ron’s ‘Killa Crunch’ Is Real And Better Than Regular Cereal

April 10, 2015
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We all know rappers love cereal. So when we started seeing photos of Cam’ron and a breakfast snack called Killa Crunch we figured it could be legit, and not just some fun with photoshop. Cam is the guy who sold Dipset Ebola masks, after all.

Well, it turns it’s not quite legit. It’s even better. Instead of cereal, each box of Killa Crunch will feature a free t-shirt and 100 bucks. Now that’s the right way to start your day!

Given what’s inside, Killa Crunch won’t be that easy to find. But there will be boxes in bodegas and stores scattered around New York City between April 10 and 12. Check Virgin Mega’s Instagram and Twitter accounts for hints where.

Non-New Yorkers will also have the chance to buy special edition boxes starting April 13. But those will cost $45 and won’t come with the $100 prize. (And still won’t contain any actual cereal.) So we’re not sure we can recommend that.

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