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This 13-year-old girl could be the first human on Mars | October 13, 2014


Failure, is NOT an option.

That is the view of this 13-year-old girl who is already in training to become the first human to blast her way off to Mars.

Alyssa Carson has spent the last nine years in training in the hope that there will be a manned-mission to Mars in 2033 – and she will be onboard.

Alyssa, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has gone to all three of Nasa’s world space camps, five-day training events for would-be astronauts.

Alyssa Carson (Picture: BBC) Alyssa Carson (Picture: BBC)

AD_148229482.jpg Alyssa Carson in training (Picture: BBC)

During these events children blast off mini rockets, ride space flight simulators, try out zero gravity machines and test their physical ability.

She also is studying science and several languages.

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She said: ‘I want…

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