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Superbad Publicity is Boxing Publicity

August 10, 2014
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“Publicity in boxing is one of the biggest reasons for fighters getting giant pay checks for fights. You can’t name a famous fighter over the last 50 years who didn’t utilize a publicist or publicity company at least once in his career.”


Superbad Publicity is Boxing Publicity

Superbad Publicity is here after a 9 month preparation period involving extreme studying of the history of publicity in the sport of boxing, past and current fighters and rankings, fight venues, boxing promotions in general, and a ton, ton more. And now we are ready to help YOU!

It is a fact if you want to be a great fighter, then at some point you will need to get in the press, on TV, on radio shows, and gain overall, maximum exposure for yourself.

In 2014, if you don’t have your social media and online platforms in order, home url/website, facebook fan page, twitter verified, wikipedia page, etc., then you need to go back to square one. These are important steps that have to be created the right way. And we can help!


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