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Throwback Joe Rogan vs Carlos Mencia | May 28, 2014



I think it’s pretty cool that Joe Rogan went out of his way to call out Carlos Mencia in a very public way as you can see in the video below. It is almost out of the world of hip hop when you hear a guy use one of your lines in a song. Joe went after ‘Ned’ it was hilarious, and if you look at the two of them now you would see Rogan having a top podcast and ‘Ned’ off the face of the earth. Cool stuff. So enjoy the video if you haven’t seen it….Now as for Joe’s podcast, I really use to think Joe was a cool dude, like I felt he was a real dude, but as I started to listen I noticed that Rogan was really just a jealous dude. He talks and acts like he has an ‘inner peace’ of some sort, but in all reality he doesn’t. Joe went after Ned because he was jealous of him for his success, and sure he had a reason. But on his podcasts, he would just always bring it up, and even mention how he would go look at Ned’s page a lot, just things he was preaching about not doing. Then he really went after Dane Cook when he was on fire, and guess what when Dane went broke and came back to the world, Joe and him made up. Joe just doesn’t like success. The real reason I quit listening to his podcast is because he never lets a guest finish a story, EVER. He is so narcissistic that he just can’t let anybody f*cking talk…and he has never been wrong, ever. That’s my rant, and sure f*ck Carlos Mencia for stealing the art and the craft, just don’t believe that Joe Rogan is about that same craft, he isn’t he just wants the attention on him…

 source: http://www.thedopepress.com/2014/05/28/throwback-joe-rogan-vs-carlos-mencia/


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