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Asher Roth has become a running punchline in the music industry. He is best known as a song lyric in an Earl Sweatshirt song, and for coming out of the closet of both being gay and a racist than he is for his music.

After his debut album was climbing the charts with his Weezer rip off, “I Love College” the 27 year old SRC artist got into some big trouble with a few racial and ethnic slurs. Roth landed in hot water when he tweeted, “Hanging out with Nappy Headed Hoes”. (The same wording about Rutger’s women’s basketball team that got Don Imus canned at NBC) Then he went on a twitter rampage about President Obama.

Asher then went out on “what are you doing” limb and tweeted that he was “gay”. The tweet came after much controversy surrounding a book titled “Hiding in Hip Hop” by Terrence Dean.


It was then quickly reported by every major outlet that not only was Asher Roth gay, but he was also a dropped from his label at SRC not because he was homosexual but because Roth failed to have a hit 2nd single. Asher’s suppose to be second single with Keri Hilson, “She Don’t Want a Man” was a loss of over $200,000 dollars.

Terrance Dean admitted that Asher was in the book, but didn’t elaborate anymore. Roth’s label had him remove the “I’m Gay” comment, and he was back with SRC.

Or was he?

As all of the gay rumors calmed down, Asher was quickly dropped from SRC, in debt, and touring the country for Blink 182 with a out of the closet hype man, Brain Bangley. Bangley and Roth had been childhood best friends, and even though the label urged him to replace Bangley, Asher didn’t.

Asher and his best friend/hype man, openly gay Brain Bangley

Asher and his best friend/hype man, openly gay Brain Bangley

SRC and Universal were both very disappointed with the results of Asher’s 2nd and 3rd singles, the before mentioned song with Keri Hilson, and Be By Myself with the very talented C-Lo Green. He was quickly dropped completely as his manager, Scooter Braun had a cash cow in Justin Bieber, and didn’t need Roth anymore.

Asher released a few mix tapes and continued to tour over the last three years, but it has been much ado about nothing. The main focus has been putting the “is he gay” rumors to rest. They put him around as many hot and naked women as they could in his videos, photos, and press. A red flag that seems to be strategy from early Elton John’s career. He finally dropped his openly gay hype man, Brain Bangley, and he started to record new material.

Asher was homeless as far as a record deal, and over $500,000.00 in debt to his former label.

Asher’s father, David Roth, was just the guy for his son to turn too!

Asher Roth’s father, David Roth (no not David Lee Roth), is the head executive of one of the largest designer firms in the country. David and Asher contacted SRC about buying a deal with Def Jam.

It was reported that David Roth paid Def Jam and SRC anywhere from $1 million to $7 million dollars for his deal with Def Jam. It was a straight P and D deal with Asher getting to use the Def Jam logo, name and brand, but he had to fund the project on his own.

I guess rock stars(rappers) do get a second chance. Roth is gearing up to release his mix tape with DJ Drama and Don Cannon, The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2.

It was told to us from a private member of Def Jam that David Roth has spent over $500,000 on promoting this mix tape release alone. (By the ads we have seen for it online, we can see how)

Now Asher Roth has a new label, new management, and a new life in rap. He doesn’t have his childhood best friend, a ton of room for failure, and the fans of hip hop on his side.

The only question is, after racial comments and going in and out of the closet, mistakes, trials and tribulations, our the fans ready to put him back on their side?


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