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Rapper Chris Webby Snitches on two people and “drug dealer” | September 9, 2010

Rapper and MC Chris Webby now has another name to add to his name, snitch. The rapper from Connecticut, has always represented “the burbs”, but he might have proven he is burb kid even more after an incident last spring at Hofstra University.

After a failed robbery attempt on a campus drug dealer went wrong, the cops showed up and the “dealer” charged Webby and friends with robbery. The dealer, who wants to remain unnamed, didn’t attend court in the matter and Webby was sentenced to a probation.

His two partners got harsher time and probation. This lead many to believe that Webby was a “snitch”, and it was confirmed after the prosecution released documents last week stating that Webby worked with them.

The real kicker isn’t that Webby turned states evidence, or that he sold out his partners in crime. The real effects came after Webby went viral all over the internet stating that he had, “tried to rob a drug dealer”. This put the local campus police at Hofstra on alert, and the unnamed drug dealer’s house was raided.

This lead to 12 more arrests in drug related cases, while Chris Webby only gets probation.


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  1. Its not saying how he snitched but it deff d nt nt look good cause out here in CT we dbt duck wit snitches

    Comment by pap mason — November 18, 2013 @ 6:43 am

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