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Marcus Jordan rap video: Michael Jordan son better at hoops than hip-hop UCF — posted by

August 27, 2010
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Lil Wayne has nothing to worry about when it comes to Marcus Jordan.

Marcus, the son of Michael Jordan, is obviously better at hoops than hip-hop.

As I was reading all the accounts about UCF hoopsters Marcus Jordan and Jeff Jordan, the sons of NBA legend Michael Jordan, and their recent wild weekend in Las Vegas, I came across this homemade rap video Marcus Jordan made last December.

How good a rapper is Marcus?

Let me put it this way: He raps like his dad once hit the curve ball.

I’m thinking he definitely needs to stick to basketball, but that’s just me. I’m certainly no hip-hop aficionado.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think: VIDEO

Eminem Plays Football at Lions Stadium with Sway

August 27, 2010
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Lloyd Speaks on Dr. Dre’s Detox

August 24, 2010
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R&B singer Lloyd recently talked about a studio session he had with veteran producer Dr. Dre and revealed listening to a portion of the long-awaited Detox album.

According to Lloyd, the album is a representation of what West Coast music is all about.

“He played me a lot of the Detox album, which is incredible — it sounds like, history,” Lloyd revealed in an interview. “It’s classic, it’s epic, it’s like L.A., stand up, it’s like West Coast. You know, I’m from the South so for me to hear Dr. Dre’s music and, I don’t know, this guy’s, he’s a legend and he’s not the youngest guy in the game so for him to still have the youth by the balls and be able to come out with stuff that is constantly changing music in the horizon, I think that that’s incredible. And it felt like magic.” (Rap-Up)

Recently, Dre’s Detox suffered a leak when a record called “Turn Me On” hit the Internet.

A new song purportedly set to feature on Dr Dre’s new album ‘Detox’ has appeared online. The track, entitled ‘Turn Me On’, began circulating on blogs and file-sharing websites on Monday (August 16). It is the second seemingly unfinished song to leak from ‘Detox’ in recent months. In June, the Jay-Z-featuring ‘Under Pressure’ also appeared online. (Gigwise)

Earlier this month, the Doc talked about his unfinished “Under Pressure” Jay-Z collaboration leaking.

“I’m not mad at the fans. I’m mad at the person that leaked the sh*t. I have no idea how it got out. It’s not even worth looking to see who did it. It happens. The most painful part about it is that I’m passionate about what I do so people should hear it in the right form…Somebody actually hacked into our emails, so that made our red flags go up. We’re in a new age and that’s a sign, ‘Wake up motherf*cker.’ You have to be more careful with your sh*t. That’s all there is to it. I know what’s up now.” (VIBE)

In July, Dre blamed his work on other artists’ projects for the Detox delay.

“It hasn’t been a consistent thing with me,” Dre revealed in an interview. “I’d be working on it, stop, do a couple of other albums, like for example, I was working on the record and had to stop and work with Eminem for like five or six months, get back in to it and in-between there’s been Game and 50 [Cent] and some of the artists like that I had to stop and work on. So it’s been taking a long time but it hasn’t been continuous work on that project so that’s one of the reasons why it’s been taking a long time but I’m in it right now, I feel it right now. Before this year, I felt I was doing it more out of obligation but right now, as in the end of last year, I really feel it. It’s coming out of me and it’s coming out of my heart and it’ll definitely be out this year — I’m just trying to give everybody what they want and not give them this new word I came up with, it’s called ‘anticippointment.'”

Kanye West has Bieber Fever

August 15, 2010
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Kanye West only follows Justin Bieber on twitter.