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Stars’ Favorite Workout Songs (source Yahoo) | July 29, 2010

Katy Perry
“Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ has this little beat in the best spot—I love playing it,” says Perry. “I was just blasting it in the car.”
“Blame It” by Jamie Foxx

Emmanuelle Chriqui
“Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.’ It just makes you have a bounce in your step.”
“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson

Jessica Stroup
“Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy.’ It’s high energy!” says Stroup.
“Rude Boy” by Rihanna

Gabrielle Union
“I start off every workout with a three-song set: ‘I’m Real’ by JLo, ‘Million Dollar Bill’ by Whitney Houston and ‘You Belong to Me’ by Taylor Swift,” says Union. “I channel my inner JLo. In my head I’m a Puerto Rican from the Bronx.”
“I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez
“Million Dollar Bill” by Whitney Houston
“You Belong to Me” by Taylor Swift

Hayden Panettiere
“I like to really move in the morning to start but I really like the hip hop song, “Shadowbox” by Michael Barber. I am not a real hip hop person, but that is a great song to work out with”
“Shadowbox” by Michael Barber

Malin Akerman
“I’m a bit of a freak show when it comes to working out,” says Akerman. “My trainer gets me going with really heavy metal like Lamb of God. It’s very aggressive—gets all the road rage out in the studio.”
Lamb of God


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