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Asher Roth’s The Rise and Fall of a White Rapper | June 20, 2010

Last year the world was hit by a Weezer laced college theme for the ages, “I Love College” by Asher Roth. Asher seemed to be the carefree type of kid perfect for being the next “white rapper” or even “Eminem”. He was everywhere in a matter of a few months, and so was his hit song. Asher pranced around wearing his “College” T-shirt, and talking the talk, with a rumored Jay-Z “backing”, and boasting “I’m Nice” to other rappers.

His album “Asleep on the Bread Aisle” came out and eh, it flopped. The songs were aimed at a much younger audience than hip hop, his lyrics were sub-par, and even the massive pop guest features, it just wasn’t any good. The kid in the college shirt didn’t have anything to talk about.

Less than one month after his debut album dropped he was already rumored to be dropped by his label, SRC Universal. He wasn’t dropped, but maybe he should have been. He toured around the country, mostly as an opening act with one hit. He was a living one hit wonder.

By December of 2009 it was rumored that was the gay rapper in a hidden hip hop book about gays in hip hop, and it was prevalent on the internet that he was dropped from SRC.

Not a great look for the one time future of white hip hop.

Asher mostly ignored the gay issue, only issuing a statement via his twitter that he was gay, then issuing a statement via his publicist denying the claim.

Then came his music, he released a track list that seemed to have the great producers on his team behind him again, “Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry”. Production from 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Rza, The Heatmakers, maybe Asher still had it.

As the music released, it was over old produced beats by those before mentioned produces. The lyrics were boring, his subjects were non-existant, and the internet agreed. Comments on the download sites, stated “well he is getting better” all the way to “pure trash”.

His label then released a video, inside a grocery store that quickly became known as the video with a shot of boobs in it. Something that made the fans again question Asher’s sexuality, why have the random naked girl?

As we move forward it seems the great white rapper wasn’t and isn’t Asher Roth. He was just another kid wearing a college shirt rapping on other peoples hot beats. Maybe a great white rapper like Eminem isn’t needed. As Sam Adams, Chris Webby, Michael Barber, Copywrite, Waxx, Mac Miller, and a dozen more “white rappers” have made their way this year with better production and content, maybe Asher will step his game up.

But to me, I really hope he dwindles into the one hit wonder domain, we can look back in ten years and remember college, but right now, we need more than a gimmick even if he has backing from The Neptunes or whoever else.


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