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Update Boston Rapper Sam Adams (Scam Adams) | March 11, 2010

So I am getting quite a bit of emails and comments from about a post yesterday on Sam Adams.

Many of the comments and emails are coming from the same IP, but any how, we did some detective work and this is what seems to have happened from a source at Sony Records.

There was a huge chunk of Itunes songs bought by one Credit Card, this landed the song in the top of Itunes, that lead to people hearing it, and buying it. So Sam did sell more than 17 and we do not know if he bought 75,000 of his own song.

This is a tactic that has been used by major labels for years, this white kid, Sam Adams, just had that part figured out.

We are hearing that industry execs aren’t super interested in this kid now, so he went from the hot list of getting signed to back to being just another rapper in a matter of one week.

Either way it was a great PR stunt for Sam Adams.

Here is a link to Sam Adams remix of Asher Roth’s I Love College


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