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Rappers Calling for Boycott of John Mayer’s Music | February 11, 2010

“As John Mayer’s Playboy interview comes out this week, many of hip hop’s elite are calling for a boycott on the singers album. Mayer is quoted over and over with racial slurs, even claiming to have a “hood pass” that is equal to a “n*gger pass”. He also compares his penis to “a white supremacist” when asked about dating african american women.

Many of the rappers on board calling for the boycott include, Joell Ortiz, who also wants people to remember Asher Roth and his racist comment last year. Asher tweeted that he was “hanging out with Nappy Headed Hoe’s” while he was performing at Rutgers University, the same University that Don Imus was fired for saying the same comment about.

During Black History Month this is terrible coming from both artists.

Both artists did apologize, but it might have been too little too late.

The range of artists calling for the boycott goes from Joell Ortiz, to Sean Combs, to Anthony Hamilton, to The Dream.”

So why Asher Roth got involved in the movement is besides me. I could careless though, both these douche bags need an ass kicking if you ask me.

more updates coming…


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