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September 9, 2016
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Michael Barber and Josh Tifer’s song, Take Your Time, was originally released on Interscope Digital back in 2011. The song charted on Itunes and sold over 109,000 copies to date, has been re-released on Michael’s newly released album, Sand Dollars.

Michael Barber is a rapducer, from Evansville, Indiana, best known for being the last artist signed to Death Row Records. That label deal went by the wayside and under water as Death Row entered into it’s last bankruptcy. Barber’s highly touted album, Thrift Shop II Hip Hop was never released.

“Take Your Time” was the first of a music fusion between metal rock guitarist and producer Tifer and self proclaimed, “rapducer” (rapper + producer) Barber. The duo formed the group, Illuminati Sky, and toured the state of Florida twice most notably opening for Naughty by Nature.

Sand Dollars is a mix of those songs that were stranded on Death Row as well as a few projects recorded with Illuminati Sky. Illuminati Sky described their fusion sound as RUNK(Runk = Rap + Punk).

Barber and Tifer, wisely, owned the rights to Take Your Time, and the release is all within the legal limits. The whole album, Sand Dollars is available for sale on all digital outlets online.

Purchase Sand Dollars & Take Your Time on Itunes or Bandcamp Now!

Dame Dash Makes Boss Move By Partnering With FilmOn TV For HIs Own Network

August 22, 2016
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Jared Leto says he was ‘tricked’ into playing Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ says ‘fu-k WB’

August 22, 2016
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After months of boasting and broadcasting about his performance as The Joker in the recently released movie Suicide Squad, Jared Leto seems to be backpedalling about his “method” approach: the Oscar-winning actor now claims he was “tricked”into playing the role.

Coincidentally timed with backlash about the movie’s lacklustre vibe and countless tepid reviews, Leto reportedly opened up to “campers” at a Q&A session at Camp Mars, a wilderness retreat for fans of Leto and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

An attendee of the camp, who identified themselves only as “La Leto,” posted Leto’s thoughts from the Q&A. [The post has now been deleted.]

“He was very honest about the film this weekend,” read the post. “His disappointment in what he’s learned of the theatrical cut (he’s still not seen the film); feeling sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently; thinking it would’ve been more artistic than what it became; feeling overwhelmed by the hate regarding the look and choices.”

Leto also confirmed his Suicide Squad contract banned him from doing certain activities he enjoys, like rock climbing.

It’s been reported by numerous sources that Leto shot hours of footage for the film that ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Reviews indicate that The Joker is also a fringe character, only appearing sporadically in a handful of scenes, despite the trailers that make him seem like a main character in the movie.

he Joker star was asked about his contract with the film company, which is rumoured to contain a clause preventing him from undertaking any dangerous activities like rock climbing and wearing garish clothing to film premieres.

“fu*k ’em,” Leto is said to have responded, provoking laughter from the crowd.

Lil Wayne Sues Universal Music, Says He’s Owed Profits From Drake, Nicki Minaj & Tyga

March 29, 2016
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Universal Music Group is paying itself instead of shelling out royalties it owes Lil Wayne, according to a federal lawsuit filed by the rapper-producer’s attorneys Monday in California.

Dwayne Carter Jr., known as Lil Wayne, is suing UMG and SoundExchange, claiming he’s been shorted millions from his work discovering and nurturing artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga.

Carter claims Universal has diverted tens of millions of dollars of his profits to repay itself for the $100 million it advanced to Cash Money Records, Inc.

“With Universal’s knowledge of Lil Wayne’s rights to partial ownership and profits from those artists, Universal and Cash Money entered into a series of agreements which, among other things, diverted Lil Wayne’s substantial profits to repay debts of Cash Money,” states the complaint. “As a result, 100% of the profits that should have been paid to Lil Wayne as a result of his ownership of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga records have been seized by Universal to repay debts that were neither incurred by nor were the obligations of Lil Wayne.”

Carter’s Young Money Label is a joint venture with Universal’s Cash Money Records designed to manufacture, distribute, promote and exploit performances of new recording artists discovered by Carter and signed to the label, according to the complaint.

He claims their 2003 agreement states the label’s profits “would be divided 51% – 49% between Cash Money and Carter, and ownership of all the Young Money Label property, (e.g., master recordings, copyrights, intellectual property, good will) similarly would be owned 51% – 49% between Cash Money and Carter, respectively.”

After multiple extensions, the term expired June 4, 2015, which puts Drake’s upcoming album in the crosshairs.

“Universal should be grateful and respectful to Lil Wayne for the millions of dollars in distribution fees and profits they have earned on the artists he brought to the company, instead of seizing all of his profits on those artists in a desperate attempt to recoup the tens of millions of dollars they are owed by Cash Money Records,” said Carter’s attorney Howard E. King of King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano in a Monday statement.

SoundExchange, the nonprofit that collects and distributes digital performance royalties on behalf of copyright owners, is also named as a defendant in the suit.

Carter claims “Universal has claimed a right to 100% of the label performance royalties attributed to the YME Records” and “SoundExchange refuses to pay any of the money due to Young Money LLC and Carter individually based on Universal’s conflicting demand.”

Carter wants the court to clear it up and is seeking at least $40 million in damages and disgorged profits and a “judgment declaring the parties’ respective rights with regard to Plaintiffs’ share of label performance royalties.”

Universal Music Group did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Deadly Combo Hits Top 70

March 25, 2016
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The duet album, Deadly Combo, from Indiana musicians, Matty Moe and Michael Barber, has hit the top 70 on Itunes reaching 61. A major accomplishments for an indie release with very little budget behind it.

Deadly Combo has gradually climbed the Itunes charts behind the single, Moon Rocks, co-produced between Michael Barber and Josh Tifer, and behind the song Indiana Boys.

The album was released via Barber’s ECP Music Group/Slam.House. An indie label that is now working with Universal Music Group.

The album does feature 3 major features, one from Streetlife of the Wu Tang Clan, and two features from Nappy Roots.

Purchased the album on Itunes or stream via Spotify and leave a comment telling us how you feel!



Ultimate List of White Rappers

January 31, 2016
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Crackavelli is a website that lists bios and infos for white rappers.

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Rap Beats? The Sample Saint Has You Covered

January 5, 2016
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Sample Saint Logo copy

Are you looking for industry quality production ? Listen to one of the best producers in the music industry, The Sample Saint. Listen below or head over to the production page, The Sample Saint on Soundclick.


2015 Boxing Globe Boxer of the Year: Kell Brook

January 3, 2016
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Kell Brook only fought two times this year after coming to America and taking the belt from Shawn Porter in 2014, but in those 2 fights Brook was barely touched and undefeated in every round.

The vote was tight between our staff, and we had to come back to look at the overall numbers a 2nd time, but Kell Brook is our Boxer of the Year.

The man called Special K, had an impressive year, (or year in a half but who is counting?) and did more than enough as the IBF Welterweight Champion in 2015.

We understand that JoJo Dan isn’t a top of crop opponent, but Brook didn’t handle him like one. He easily dismantled Dan in just 4 easy rounds, and when talking about the fight at our staff meeting we couldn’t remember if Dan even landed a good solid punch in those 4 rounds.

It was a take care of business fight, and Brook handled it like he was working from home on his day off. Light work.

Just 2 months later, Brook entered the ring at the O2 Center as the headliner of a giant card to face Frankie Gavin, and he was on point like a rifle gauge. The fight was called in just 6 rounds.

The 2015 Boxing Globe Boxer of the Year, only fought for 10 rounds in 2015. So it wasn’t by the amount of work, but the dominance in those 10 rounds.

Dominated is an understatement. Brook won all 10 rounds, and wasn’t even hit hard enough to kill a wasp in any of the rounds.

This was the closest vote we have had in our 3 years of naming a boxer of the year, but it was hard to not pick Brook even over PBC Boxer of the Year, Keith Thurman and ESPN’s pick of Canelo Alvarez who actually tied Brook in our first vote.

Congrats to Special K, Kell Brook! @SpecialKBrook on Twitter

more info at http://www.BoxingGlobe.com

A Big Ten Scouting Report on the Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Team was Found

December 24, 2015
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If you find a USB drive on the ground at an airport would you check to see what is on it?

There have been reports that spies have used this tactic to hack into important databases, and there have been reports of malicious viruses being placed on USB drives and destroying computers completely, and there is also the case of Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor, leaving unreleased music on USB drives around the country in bathrooms just to see what happens. That being said, I guess a USB drive would be what Forrest Gump would talk about in 2015. (Life is like finding a USB drive, you never know what you’re gonna get…)

This time around it appears that the found USB device didn’t contain music by a legend, but it also didn’t contain a malicious, computer destroying virus. The contents according to TUNEIn sports radio host, Joey Sinatra, was one Big Ten’s team scouting report on the Indiana Hoosiers. The drive also contained some student work, info, and a thesis being written by what appears to be a postgrad student. It appears that the USB wasn’t a player’s jump drive, but rather an assistants or maybe student assistant coach.

I do not want to get into the owner to much as Joey did on his radio show, and he briefly had the contents available for sale on EBAY. (It has since been removed)

Now their was 3 different teams scouting report on this drive, but the other two are lowly mid-majors, and if I put out the teams, it would be way too easy for you Sherlock Holmes’s to find out what team/person owns this device. I don’t want that to happen.

The information written on the Indiana Hoosiers is both true and funny. The Hoosiers have one of the best offenses in the country, but their defense has been questionable at best.


James Blackmon Jr. might have the best/worst report in the entire portfolio.

“Blackmon plays defense similar to a scarecrow standing in one place with no lateral movement at all. Anyone he is guarding has a step advantage. Go around him with ease, but his offense won’t slack if he is getting scored on heavy like some players. Never leave him open his range is incredible. Force him to dribble, but watch his quick release. He rarely passes so if the ball gets to him, he’s going to shoot, force him to move, and try trapping as his ball handling is sub-par…”

Harsh words for a player who was a Big Ten All Freshman player last year.

This, however, does follow a year and a half of Hoosier fans watching Blackmon score at will, but only average 1 assist a game. His defense is so bad that ESPN announcer, Dan Dakich, a former assistant coach and interim head coach for the Hoosiers to say that Blackmon couldn’t “guard a chair” while calling the IU/Notre Dame game.

Troy Williams Image

The report didn’t just crucify Blackmons defense, it also took aim at junior Troy Williams reporting, “when Williams gets the ball make him dribble. He is a turnover machine when handling the ball. An athletic Tasmania devil, make sure you block him out.”

Even more damaging than calling IUs best player a turnover machine is what it says about Hoosier senior Nick Zeisloft.

“If #2 is in the game get whoever he is guarding an ISO, clear the floor, and attack for the rebound…..attack, attack, whoever he is guarding has an advantage!”

Now the scouting report wasn’t just damaging and stating how bad the Hoosiers play defense, it did include things on how Troy Williams attacks the rim, how senior pg Yogi Ferrell can stop and shoot on a dime. It also said that Yogi, ‘dribbles too much,’ which is like saying a midget is short. Common sense if you have seen any Indiana basketball game in the last 4 years.

The more damaging and again, funny, info in the report was on Coach Tom Crean’s defensive and offensive tactics.(or lack of)

“Patience is the key on offense. If #1 (Blackmon) or #2 (Zeisloft) isn’t in the game, look for back cuts, and if Coach Crean calls in any type set change, there will be a few seconds of breakdown in their defense as they try to move from either man to man to zone or vice versa. One pass and go has proven to score over 80% of the time.”

The report continued on the offensive end for the Hoosiers, “…rarely do you see back screens or back cuts, the offense is again, a weave and spacing, they only agenda is to drive and kick for a 3. Sag but watch the shooters.”

Once we get confirmation from Joey Sinatra, we will upload the entire report or link to the entire report.

The info isn’t as damaging being released to the team as it might be to the Hoosiers and Coach Tom Crean. It shows a lot that another coach or scout in the Big Ten would have a report that is pretty much stating, “if Crean calls a play, it won’t work, get ready to score,” or something similar.

The info on going exactly at 1 player and saying he can’t guard anybody is hard to believe, and also something I haven’t seen before. If it is really that simple, it might be a long year for the Hoosiers who start Big Ten play on December 30th vs Rutgers.

This also might show why Coach Tom Crean is on the hot seat, but outside of Indiana that isn’t for sure yet.

More details pending…

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November 5, 2015
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Angels Like Rebels, a record label that engages fans in talent discovery and promotion, launches its crowdfunding platform on November 5 at noon, ET.

Angels Like Rebels held auditions in New York (chaired by Grammy-winning producer Gordon Williams, best-known for his work with Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse), Los Angeles, Miami and Boston, and used referrals from recording studios, producers and vocal coaches to select its first group of artists from over 600 applicants.
The crowdfunding campaign will continue for 17 days. Artists who reach the funding target, set at $200,000, will have a 3-year deal with the label to record and release two albums. Fans receive various rewards in exchange for their contributions, including albums, concert tickets, and artist branded merchandize, not to mention bragging rights for launching the next generation of music stars. “The music industry is looking for a new business model. We offer a solution,” says Alexander Volgin, the label’s 20-year old founder.
“We turn fans into angels: we invite everyone who loves music to support talented artists and benefit from their success.”
Fans may also enroll to promote their favorite artists and share 20 percent of net royalties earned by these artists during the term of a record contract. Artists keep 70 percent of net profits, and they don’t have to repay the money contributed by their fans – unlike recording advances in a typical record label deal. Artists also maintain full creative control over their music. “There is wide support for our cause among artists and fans who are not satisfied with how the music industry treats people who create music,” added Volgin.
“We are rebels! Our goal is to empower artists.”

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